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new dental  kits today but we getting something  wrong with them next week that instrument might be in there but  probably not so I’m not sure what’s in that cuz that um so yeah that’s just my  opinion on this product I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like oh don’t forget to subscribe comment all  that good stuff and I’ll see you guys in much for allowing me to speak to you today about dentistry and oral hygiene  and everything that goes along with this so a little bit about me brother introduced me already Mohammed the dealers of my name I studied at the  Wayne State University for my undergrad initially and then went on to the University of Detroit Mercy for my dental degree so dentist most people don’t like us we understand so why do we  have to go to the dentist then the biggest reason usually is what something hurts pain there’s a big hole in your tooth and what happens you have to come see this so that’s one reason what’s another  reason sometimes may be some bad breath or something doesn’t feel right your teeth feel loose why does that happen so one of the things that happens is we get what we call gingivitis we’ve all heard that word before right gingivitis  how does that happen what happens to the body rate a problem happens so is anybody here eat food okay okay – brother take fluid very good I do – what happened when we eat food we chew it and we swallow of course everything goes to our stomach but some remnants get left  behind and the example I was like to give is what happens when you touch wood and you get a splinter in your arm and you don’t remove that splinter well the tissue or the skin around that spinor starts to get irritated it turns red and blood pools in that area and to try to  push that splinter out right so what if you don’t remove that spinner well the area gets more red it becomes more irritated in a mimin hers and that’s kind of like gingivitis and that’s after you eat we thought there it’s something stuck so what do we do with that spinner we pull  it out what happens to the area the area starts to bleed but it’s a it’s a it’s a good blood consent bad blood that’s been pooled there it’s finally been released and the healing process can begin so gingivitis that inflammation of the gums can be corrected off by brushing right that’s what it that’s the reason  we have to brush our teeth because we eat for now since most of your on eating food I guess you don’t have to brush that off of it that’s great but for those of you who are ending food you have to brush to remove them that material off your teeth what is that material we call that plaque it gets stuck to your teeth it gets stuck around  your teeth and mechanically is the only way to remove it okay gingivitis if you don’t brush properly or floss properly gingivitis starts to get progressively worse it turns into what we call periodontitis periodontitis is then the inflammation of the underlying bone so if you ever looked at a skeleton you see or the scholar should say you see all  bone you see the teeth and you see the teeth and bone you don’t see any gums on it so it’s that bone that holds that leads in place as that bone starts to deteriorate its follow away what happens well the tooth is only so long so as that bone melts down the way from that tooth what starts to happen with the people start to get looser and looser so  sometimes there are patients that have never been to the dentist nothing’s ever and they come to the dentist in their s and therefore it is in their s and now he’s unfortunately even younger they say doc everything is good everything is all right but look my tooth is kind of loose and I’ve taken a look and I say well you waited too long and I I’m cavity free teeth perfectly  healthy looking teeth I pulled them all off because there’s nothing holding the teeth in anymore so besides having them a big hole in the tooth it’s the supporting structures that we’re trying to maintain healthy maintain its health and that’s what gives us the or overall cleanliness of them all okay so how do you remove the plaque and how do we avoid it – getting to periodontitis so  periodontitis can be completely avoided gingivitis everybody sitting in this room we probably have I don’t because I know that was presenting and I brush my teeth and floss before I came okay so what time did we brush well most of us brush this morning you spend it’s o’clock now say we probably woke up it’s been over hours and we got a couple more hours to go on and we have brushed our teeth luckily were Muslim  and we do rinse em off throughout the day for that that helps quite a bit okay it helps to reduce those acids and I’ll explain that in a minute but in general in America we’re not rinsing our minds right Americans I should say we eat breakfast brushed our teeth we eat breakfast would be lunch agree we eat dinner some snacks and then maybe before you go to bed the restaurant even if we can get in the habit of just even  rinsing our mouth during the day a little bit it helps to reduce that acid so one of the ways I said mechanically is the only way to remove that play as to remove that spinner from your arm so brushing for how long two minutes that’s it and after any ones that were staring the Meredith themselves for two it’s a long time it takes some time to get in there and brush and brush it you’re looking at yourself enough time I myself several times it even I catch  myself be surprised to see how long minutes is when my kids aren’t bothering me nervous I’m just standing there and doing it correctly okay so what time yourself try the two minutes in the morning and at night and you’ll be surprised how long two minutes is that how fast we usually press them mentally we’re brushing for only about seconds that’s what they say so practice get a timer tie yourself and it’s minutes is a long time there okay which is what type of toothbrush to use of mechanical  a regular toothbrush they all weigh okay everything works you just have to use it obviously it’s cost dependent I always recommend a one dollar toothbrush works just as well as a in dollars rest of the store and time yourself like I said teen years you learn either time around okay so we talked about a little bit about brushing how does how do you get cavities does anybody know is it just you eat candy in the candy rancher to know we all have bacteria in our mouths so when you eat that food you didn’t brush that  plaque away that plaque is now left behind right when that plaque is left behind well we have bacteria in our mouth what does that bacteria do it eats that food that you that that’s left behind and it starts to produce an acid what does that acid do then acid is what starts that cabbage it starts to wear down your tooth it starts to put up literally a hole in your teeth that’s what a cavity is okay it does it happens to adults it happens to kids what’s the difference between adult teeth and kids teeth nothing it’s just physically  smaller okay so that means when a child has that much acid from talking to soft drinks or from candy in their mouth it’s doing the same type of damage it wouldn’t do to an adult tooth except that their teeth are just physically smaller okay so you know for our kids especially I’ve been in Lansing two years and I’ve been around it’s amazing how much decay of cabins kids still get you know and it’s simply from lack of brushing and just maintaining oral health okay so what you eat man there’s quite a bit right acidic foods will wear down your teeth everything wears down  your teeth but how can you maintain it by brushing by flossing and by maintaining it so that plant is gone if the plant has gone there’s no gingivitis if I could never gonna get to periodontitis there’s nothing for the bacteria to eat in your mouth so you remove the chance of getting cavities and your breath will smell better and you’ll have a better looking smile okay so brushing does everything for you that you needed to do and the biggest thing of additive you will get to see me a whole lot less okay this really makes a difference for pregnant women how does you know a lot of the time for you here  Alena will come and say you know I had a baby and it least on my calcium well it is fully formed when you’re a young when you’re a youngster you know so at the time you’re seven all your teeth are formed okay so when you become pregnant the baby cannot leach that calcium or anything else from it what happens is we tend to eat a little bit more often we tend to snack a little bit more often and what happens therefore is you get the gingivitis you get the inflammation you get the plaque in your mouth and it’s a constant acid in your mouth that is causing the cavity it’s a constant attrition for the bacteria  patience that just like we need food to eat to do whatever we need to do the bacteria needs food and that’s that plant that’s left behind to do what it needs to do and again what does it do produce acid that’s its only job and that’s what damages our teeth okay the more we can reduce that asset the healthier our teeth will be okay so definitely pregnant women you definitely want to do what rinse your mouth brush more often because of the snacks okay so for our wives in our sister and you just remind the page if you it’s okay just rinse your mouth and Lisa will help to wet reduce the acid the more the acid level you reduce the overall your the  less chance of a cavity you’re gonna get okay and obviously once the baby is born how she was the house soon should they see the dentist we always tell it’s a the sooner the better and it’s less for the child so you usually get your first teeth around six months it’s it isn’t physically difficult to treat a six-month-old but luckily they have no problems but it’s a reminder for the parents to say hey the baby’s got teeth make sure you start brushing the second that tooth comes in the mouth the chance Academy come right away the only way to avoid getting cavities one hundred percent is to remove all your teeth okay I don’t think anyone is ready for that just yet so  once that child has teeth it’s again it’s not for the child it’s for the parent as a reminder say hey get in there brush it can brush it wipe it with a wet cloth I’m just seeing travel we’ll be on the Bible for a year months at months to help almost all their baby teeth so they’re falling asleep with the bottle in their mouth what is in that bottle of milk what’s in milk they were in America sugars right everything has sugars so when they go to sleep there that those sugars stay in their mouth and what happens to those teeth to get all right and unfortunately with teeth on two-year-olds the flat floor continues to so those don’t fall out until they’re years old a little  more kid has no teeth from the eighth’s age students and it’s not a long-term problem but obviously a short-term problem for a couple years and it’s psychologic for the child so I have bad teeth from day one so it’s when the child is young we really reinforce to the parents hey it’s up to you to brush their teeth up until the age of at least by the apple age of five they become more independent think they understand how to hold a toothbrush to understand how to get in there and brush a lot better okay before then you know my kids I have a four year old she’s a pre-k here she just doesn’t this you know she does a good job of keeping in her mouth and she tries to keep it in there for at least a minute minute and a  half but she’s not getting or hitting or brushing the way the plaque that’s in her mouth so what do I do give a good practice now let me do it can I have a remote per month look in the mirror and I go around all on her teeth little small circles you’re pretending you’re brushing all your teeth there okay and the more you do live with the child you’ll be surprised I always hear Oh once I start with my child they wanted to brush their teeth all the time and that’s great because they’ve learned that head from early on and it just like everything else sticks with them okay one thing I was gonna mention brushing and flossing obviously there is one toothbrush out there they don’t saw in the stores it’s called a rodent that’s the only one that’s equal to  flossing nothing beats flossing but the Roland they say is equal to okay so you can probably buy that enter dental office so I wanted to just kind of repeat one more time about cavities that’s the biggest thing that’s the most common problem that we see so how do you get cavities what did I say you need food once you eat food the bacteria also get to eat give a chance to eat that food once it eats that food the acid starts to be produced how do you reduce that acid if you’re at work I always tell my child and you hear let’s go to drinking fun when you go to the drinking honey I rinse really good because even if you can guess they don’t they don’t have the time or whatnot to brush their teeth it’s okay but it helps to reduce that acid level in your mouth what else can  you do gums chewing gum helps of course sugar-free and the issue aluminum sugar-free dose take a look at the rest of the ingredients too sometimes there’s other sugars in there so you know it makes you sugar free and we all know how advertising is it may not be exactly sugar free so check the packet there’s some I’ve seen some recently some gums specifically approved by the American Dental Association I’m assuming then there’s a less of the natural sugars and it’s all artificial sugars I’ll let somebody else explain if if that’s healthy for you overall but at least it’ll help to reduce that acid level because it helps to produce saliva in our mouths okay so for our kid that I’ve seen some of our kids that content the mush it and I hope that in the most of them are in pretty good shape like  they you know not not too bad but then you see other kids that I’m in such good shape so you know if you ever see somebody distinct remember you brush your teeth kid is just a reminder to to our little little ones and just to keep them healthy okay so what’s another reason you would go see the dentist well another reason would be something happened outside and you found out in your Tuesday so you’re getting a fracture there’s not much options for that except to just come and see us and take care of it well what happens if the tooth comes out what if you’ve a child is jumping falls down and this whole tooth comes out innocent I talk to you if brother if you fall and your tooth comes out what do you do with it well trying to go to that trying to go to a dentist any dentist immediately but if it’s old and you know exactly where it  came from already acted properly I mean you can tell the front of the bag because you’re looking at your you can feel your other teeth wash it off with a little dirty put it right back in we have minutes if it’s a Sunday at o’clock in the evening nobody’s open and you’ve followed that compatible let it rain did you got minutes okay and the more time you take the less chances of it working if you can put it in within those first couple of minutes the chance of that tooth remaining in your mouth your whole life and nothing happening with it is % okay if it’s a weekday you’re at school and your child falls and it’s their whole tooth and you’re nervous and you don’t put it in and you want to see the dentist really quick don’t put the tooth in your pocket if you don’t have any milk around or anything else like that you put it in your mouth okay put it in your cheek you  at least want to keep that tooth moist waters all okay they say but it’s not the best medium before and equity so if you if the child is old enough to keep it in its mouth leave it in the saliva there okay get to the dentist and you’ll put it in ASAP it doesn’t matter you not to come see anyone specific anyone will see you and they will take care of an ASAP okay another reason of course is if you have a nice-looking teeth everything is going well you’re brushing your flossing what’s the next thing people want nice white teeth so what do they want bleaching right its bleaching good or bad this fine there’s no negative repercussions of bleaching your teeth okay boom why did teeth change color from food right age just like you’re here right so the color of the tooth is not something we look at in terms of health or not health okay you can have great teeth you can in reality it  happens less than America now because we know better but if you took certain medications or a pregnant woman took certain medications while she was pregnant and if you do those many cases before a certain age before seven they will stain your teeth and leave a mark maybe your own tooth there may be a certain area up there too and those are what we call intrinsic stains those are very difficult to remove but bleaching helps okay so how early could you start to each other the you can see teenagers the earlier you start the better it is do you have to come see the dentist and give a professional teeth whitening you could I always recommend to my patients try something sheera first what’s cheaper press laser space go to the stores like $ it’s got a white your teeth slowly okay but the slower you whiten your teeth the longer that take to go away okay what happens if you come and see us and  you whiten your teeth and within hours well the Chancellor that going away is a lot faster and that sensitivities they’re higher than two because the chemicals been used and they really affect the teeth in that way in just sensitivity but usually goes away and you’ll be fine with that okay so Crest Whitestrips I think it’s a great cheap alternative that will do a nice not to break Hollywood smile but a really nice smile okay and it’s that sort so see that’s kind of the general information about teeth acid plaque and bacteria in your mouth more and more in younger people luckily not on what I haven’t found anything in anybody’s but we’re seeing a lot of lesions them off or lesions are problems that are end up being cancer why have it being cancer because of cigarettes and I’m glad I don’t see a lot of smoke in here but it is still problem if they’re smoking smokeless tobacco chewing tobacco kids do start at  these cigarettes you know they say that young people are using those it’s still nicotine in there but they haven’t done as many studies I haven’t read as much about that to see how much damage it’s doing but if there’s ever a problem in your mouth and you don’t know what it is see us it’s quick is easy and we can say this isn’t serious or not serious most lesions if you rinse with some warm salt water for a couple days they usually go away okay if you have an ulcer that’s called a canker sore you’ll know what they look like they look the same every time so once you diagnose it once you’ll notice though the second time they come in they go on for a couple weeks okay but if it’s something serious if you have a leak you don’t know what it is it’s not going away you’re rinsing and it’s not going away you don’t feel any other side of your mouth it doesn’t feel normal to you it’s not healing or it’s bleeding that’s something definitely you want to see the  quicker we can diagnose something the quicker you get treated the better the success rate okay and so besides the acid that breaks on our teeth what about Pepsi what about soft drinks what about you know my wife used to love sucking okay what did they do to your teeth do they cause bacteria or anything no what they do is start to wear away your teeth okay acid we’ve seen the teeth can only take so much so when you’re constantly sucking on something any type of habit for me anytime heaven if you have that’s negative will in the long run wearing your teeth down okay so you you don’t want to be sucking on lemons they’re really acidic that they start over right away it’s doesn’t hang every different than Pepsi I’ve seen sockets they get your back teeth lemons to get your front teeth it’s all the acid hits right there okay okay so then yes the gist of basic dentistry in dentistry there’s a lot of the technologies and whatnot coming up things are becoming easier hopefully  that you know that the biggest stories we hear are that you know that was a kid in dentistry to be bad and now I’m afraid so fear is a big big thing but you know one of the things I learned in school I think things are changing is talk to your patient even right so the dentist when you go to anybody if they don’t introduce themselves if they don’t say hello you know you have to make that decision is this where I want to stay you know I like to see what my patient explained here’s what I see in your mouth here’s what’s going on and here’s how we can go about solving the process on your issues whatever the case may be I know sometimes in a restaurant is this calm okay we gotta do this see you later dentist is a little bit different than medicine in this regard when you go to see a dentist and he recommends certain treatments will have exact procedure codes like okay I’m going to do this I’m gonna do this I’m gonna do this there’s gonna be a a code associated with it and a fee associated with that so that way  you least you’ll know exactly what’s gonna happen and you can break it down for yourself is this what I want or it’s just not what I want you know don’t don’t be pushed into treatment there aren’t people who out there who will say hey you need to go in and you need crowns on your teeth keV do you know if someone tells you that in the second opinion right it’s easy like that to go home and say hey that guy said I need this do I need it it’ll help to say yes you do and here’s why I don’t know you don’t in hoarding here’s why he did it it’s it’s a little more specific I ships I should probably say it that way then versus so general okay so yes that’s the overall of dentistry is the more you can often you can brush your teeth keep those SS down you’ll reduce the bacterial level we’ll say the same but you reduced it as a content you reduce the acid content no cavities if you’re brushing well no black no plan needs no gingivitis and if you can maintain that your whole life you’ll be very happy okay and that is dentistry in a nutshell  quick simple not kind of not so complicated this is any specific questions or cater to you or you know feel free to ask me anytime I try to come more often you’ll see me with it after school or anything else like that and I’d be happy to answer you it just like I said a specific question or a general question so I’d be happy to answer any questions if there are any yes yes thank you very much okay so if you are manually brushing all the plaque away you got all the plaque on the surfaces of the tube which you can see where didn’t you get in between your teeth so you have to get mechanically in there to remove to remove that plaque okay so flossing is important the more often you do it the better at night time is the best time why would make time be the best time well again in Eastern today if you go and eat right now you’re owing the amount is close your mouth automatically starts to produce saliva to help neutralize those acids okay what happens when you go to bed you didn’t you just ate your Saltire and you go to bed well let me sleep with your mouth open  well the food is still there the bacteria is still there the acid levels going up but there’s no saliva to counteract it so it’s it’s having more of a detrimental effect to your teeth so the most important time to brush and thank you for bringing that up is definitely before you go to bed and to floss right after so my regular routine is floss to get more than all this stuff and then you brush afterwards okay mouthwash is fine alcohol-free is better that’s doesn’t dry out your mouth but it’s an extra thing so what is it what does that mouthwash to it makes you feel something’s burning so the feels like it’s working and it makes your breath feel that it tastes so but it’s lightly brushed and flossed I can take it or leave it sometimes I would recommend it for a child you’ll see a small little cameo the x-ray okay you know what it’s a small enough cavity you don’t have a history of cavities let’s keep it I have that tooth but if you just keep an eye on that tooth you want something even if they call to remineralize and so there’s a rinse call the mouthwash both act for redress okay now  a lot of people are just has expelled hazard the only time I would really suggest it but in general I can think I could take it or leave it it’s not the most important thing for me as long as mechanically remove or apply thank you very much Zack Olivia that’s what’s you last week I put my kids to the pediatrician dentist and I saw little diagram shows that if your teeth are bad it would affect the mid part of your body up to the knees they were picturing that okay is there any connection between the middle part and then up to the knees you know there’s no direct connection what they say is if you’re not brushing your teeth if you’re not taking care of your oral health you’re probably not exercising as much you probably not need these other things as much so you know more Horner older dogs they’re finding some issues for example plaque buildup in your mouth can leave the plaque buildup in your heart there’s no direct relationship there’s just anecdotal comments issues there hasn’t been enough research to say to give that link directly okay people see their dentist usually more often than there may be physicians there’s a  problem so they say don’t go to your dentist for those reasons but there’s no direct link to say you know this is connected to something down here there it’s pretty segregated any problems stay up here that you have up here stay up here using the soft brush yes or something no question about it so you know brushing with a soft brush versus a hard brush well you know what kind of soap do you use a hard surface or something to scrape when I got a battery cleaner no it’s soft tissue you know no matter how hard your teeth are it still can wear away who’s still a chip and break right so let’s do what you should do this hot water get the bristles of the brush nice and soft okay and even if you don’t use toothpaste you know you brush if you get that plaque on your teeth what do you need fluoride for or you need do it big support what does the toothpaste do the two things basically like the like the mouthwash makes you feel good hmm feels good just my teeth you got a big taste in your mouth right but if you remove that plaque you’re done how about I must swap I forgot to mention that this is a must walk work sure it works really well it doesn’t  floss I’m certainly not recommended it doesn’t get any tweet your teeth but you know you know if you’re impressing or you know using it you’re getting all majority that plaque back Turkey if it’s better than nothing for sure so this is every six months so how did you change your toothbrush every six months into pressure look yeah okay so how often should you change your toothbrush Hey they say every six months bacterial I used to grow on your toothbrush so how can you clean your toothbrush right fine go in two minutes put the head get a cup of water put the head in the water and like microwave it for two minutes I’ll kill you can do that periodically I do it once a month for my kids because they don’t brush your teeth oh sorry the press should look the same you know my dad years of telling him the brush is all bent out of shape after several months you rush into it are there software’s just nice and gently it’s not how hard you brush it’s how long you spent brush that’s what matters anything else yeah activists if I do it so what will comment in such case what they would happen so have insurance okay sorry that’s though it’s a difficult thing to  talk about but insurances if you don’t have insurance what do you do well first of everyone to see you because you pay you cash that for sure right funds are limited what do you do I actually brought a list with me I’ll leave with you brother fizzy there’s several things I found there’s several places we can go the County clinics there’s other places there’s donated dental services but it’s it’s difficult there’s not so much out there I was reading something about the Affordable Care Act Obamacare most people but it affects kids are almost all kids will be insuring tentative with the Affordable Care Act adults they say an increase of about ten percent so it is difficult to find those places you know here you know if you guys see me if you know somebody personally please don’t don’t have to tell me at all you know but I was signed I I didn’t find a couple areas in local areas that do see patients that may not have any insurance they’re pretty busy throughout the year but it’s the first couple it’s not a first-come first-serve basis but there’s just not a lot out there I can only found by two these six locations either for general what did you have that just  divide us creditors you know a lot of the a good option actually are the dental schools they’re just that close by in Michigan we have two in that Arbor University of Michigan and then in the Detroit area University of Detroit Mercy and in fact some of my patients even have a missing tooth and they want to do something about it and they say what can I do that if I recommend something that’s a little bit more expensive like an implant something you always ever heard that word if you’re missing a tooth you can put an artificial root in places like if you break your leg they put that metal right there they’re mini ones but it wouldn’t it used to be something like that it’s so much cheaper to get at the dental school you know it’s not a that somebody trying to be a dentist if that just like me trained to be a specialist that will put it in but you’re looking at a third of the cost you know so we have a lot of patients that sometimes there’s some teeth I can’t pull right so I have to send them to an oral surgeon it’s not cheap right the private practice oral surgeons so we send them to the dental schools it’s / / of the cost and it’s completely worth it because they get the same care  just at a lower cost so I will leave the little list above it busy or if you want to see another but that’s all there is okay so you know certain things have happened to you in your life you’re missing a tooth or two and you receive some treatment for it and if you don’t wear it well you know first thing you’ll live that’s what I was telling patients you know everything will be okay somebody won’t mention the ones mentioned that course I took that you know you can lose all your teeth you can swallow a chicken haul and God Almighty he make this body so that if you still digest some teeth or sometimes that just for eating but for appearance’s right if you don’t wear your appliance you don’t dislike braces what will happen if you don’t worry racist well your teeth will be crooked but you’ll function like a goat I still you know it’s for my child to have perfectly straight teeth because that’s what we see all the time what if they don’t have a perfect stick to do well they can still brush and floss and keep them healthy so they’ll still be okay so if you don’t learn your personal you don’t wear this you know where that you paid for nothing that would be I have definitely appreciate okay  anytime like I said if you guys have any specific questions that regard to you I’d be happy to answer and thank you