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immediate dental insurance you who are ending food you  have to brush to remove them that material off your teeth what is that  material we call that plaque it gets stuck to your teeth it gets stuck around  your teeth and mechanically is the only way immediate dental insurance to remove it okay gingivitis if you  don’t brush properly or floss properly gingivitis starts to get progressively worse it turns into what we call  periodontitis is then the

inflammation of the underlying bone so if you ever looked at a skeleton you see  or the scholar should say you see all bone you see the teeth and you see the teeth and bone you don’t see any gums on it  so it’s that bone that holds that leads in place as that bone starts to deteriorate its follow away what happens well the tooth is only so long so as  that bone melts down  #facebook the way from that tooth what starts.

immediate dental insurance
immediate dental insurance

happen with the people start to get looser and looser so sometimes there are patients that have  never been to the dentist nothing’s ever and they come to the dentist in their sand, therefore, it is in their sand now he’s unfortunately even younger they say doc everything is good  everything is all right but look my tooth is kind of loose and I’ve taken a look and I say well you waited too long and I I’m cavity free

teeth perfectly healthy looking teeth I pulled them all  off because there’s nothing holding the teeth in anymore so besides having them a big hole in the tooth it’s the supporting structures that we’re trying to maintain healthy maintain its health and that’s what gives us the or overall  cleanliness of them all okay so how do you remove the plaque and how do we avoid it – getting to periodontitis so periodontitis

can be completely avoided gingivitis everybody sitting in this room we probably have I don’t because I know that was presenting and I brush my  teeth and floss before I came okay so what time did we brush well most of us brush this morning you spend it’s o’clock now say we probably woke up it’s been over hours and we got a couple more hours to go on and we have brushed our teeth luckily were Muslim

and we do rinse em off throughout the  day for that that helps quite a bit okay it helps to immediate dental insurance reduce those acids and I’ll explain that in a minute but in general in America we’re not rinsing our minds right Americans I should say we eat breakfast brushed our teeth we eat breakfast would be lunch agree we eat dinner some snacks and then maybe before  you go to bed the restaurant even if we can get .