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right  but if you remove that plaque you’re   dental insurance Costco done how about I must swap I forgot to  mention that this is a must walk work sure it works really well it doesn’t  floss I’m certainly not recommended it doesn’t get any tweet your teeth but you  know you know if you’re impressing or you know using it you’re getting all majority that plaque  back Turkey if it’s better than nothing for sure so this.

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is every six months so how did you change best dental insurance your toothbrush every six  months into pressure look yeah okay so how often should you change your toothbrush Hey they say every six months bacterial I used to grow on your toothbrush  so how can you clean your toothbrush right fine go in two minutes put the head get a cup of water put the head in the water and like microwave it for two minutes I’ll .

kill you can do  that periodically I do it once a month for my kids because they don’t brush your teeth oh sorry the press should look the same you know my dad years of telling him the brush is all bent out  of shape after several months you rush into it are there software’s just nice and gently it’s not how hard you brush it’s how long you spent brush that’s what matters anything else yeah activists if I do it so .

what will  comment in such case what they would happen so have insurance okay sorry  dental insurance for a family that’s though it’s a difficult thing to talk about but insurances if you don’t have insurance what do you do well first of everyone to see you because you pay  you to cash that for sure right funds are limited what do you do I actually brought a list with me I’ll leave with you brother fizzy there are several things I found there are

several places we can go to the County clinics there are other places there are donated dental services but it’s it’s difficult there’s not so much out there I was reading something about the Affordable Care Act Obamacare most people but it affects kids are almost all kids will be insuring tentative with the Affordable Care Act adults they say  an increase of about ten percent so it is difficult to find those places you know here you know if you guys see me if you know somebody personally please don’t don’t have to tell me at.