Full Coverage Dental Insurance More about You can also read here at Equal Care.  itself states that no dental insurance is required in addition to this product, but you are free to take in addition to your current Full Coverage Dental Insurance.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance
Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Full Coverage Dental Insurance In this way, you can ensure yourself for “basic” dental care, and also offers  you the emergency care coverage and a piggy bank for  more considerable expenses in the future.

The entire prosthesis (dentures) is partially reimbursed from the mandatory insurance, the personal contribution (25%) can be insured additionally. For this, dental technology costs must be protected. These insurances are often not that interesting for full dentures.

However, if you have a partial denture (partially dentures), then protection can be sensible. The costs of your own teeth and/or partial dentures are not covered by the necessary coverage.

Implants under dentures (click dentures) fall under the basic insurance if you are entitled to them (you must be eligible). How the reimbursement of this depends on your type of insurance, see above link, costs of dentures.

First read the Dental page Full Coverage Dental Insurance about reimbursements of implant treatments, because even more expensive insurance policies sometimes exclude the costs of implants from compensation. There are many exceptions from insurers about the payment of implants About Us.